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What defines us

We combine the knowledge of business transformation with your entrepreneurial reality in an effective way.

The focus on resources, skills and competencies play a special role in our work – we always consider these to be complementary to the business and structural requirements of the organization.

finding way

We prefer to listen carefully to our customers. And then it is important to ask the right questions.

We know how important it is to use the intelligence that is available in companies.

But we also have a “drawer” filled with tools and concepts that are ready to hand.


We strengthen managers, project managers and experts in their effectiveness and support them in mobilizing their people.

Knowing the limitations of our own knowledge, we seek encounters with the best.

In this way, a quality of thinking and designing develops.


Clear, well-structured, grasping development contexts and tracking down resources, working analytically precise and systemically connectable, we design viable solutions for the future – even and especially with controversial topics.

And thus, in the best sense of the word, sustainable.

The Team

Robert Dörzbach

Development Captain

Friederike Grill

Change Mentor

Michael Jungen

Resilience Guide

Marlon Meierhöfer

Architect of Ambiguity

Christoph Urschel

Structure Giver

Our Partners

KD Personal Training

“My vocation is sport, movement and the element of nature and healing. I want to make people move and make all their wishes come true.”

kwp consulting group

From a lean, highly specialized environment, we support companies from the energy industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

HST | Hoefer Schmidt-Thieme

As one of the most experienced insolvency law firms in Germany, HST Hoefer | Schmidt-Thieme has all the skills to successfully complete national restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Dagmar Woyde-Koehler

“People expand their possibilities enormously when they recognize what actually drives them and why, what they really can and want. Being able to support you in the sense of enabling is not only a matter of trust, but also always a great pleasure.”

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