Marlon Meierhöfer

Architect of Ambiguity

“Learn from each other in continuous exchange.”

By that I mean: being part of a larger community and building the present and the future together with other social beings.

I see every conversation, every encounter as an equal approach, based on the willingness to show mutual respect and tolerance, regardless of status and context.

I focus on people and their inexhaustible potential.

My focus is on the interface between people and technology and the possibilities of making new technologies and methods usable in a positive sense for individuals and companies. The combination of teaching, research and entrepreneurial activity shapes my view of dynamic change processes in business and society.

International projects are an integral part of my field of activity.

Fields of Action

NEW FOQUS – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Future Scenarios
Business Coaching
Change Management
Shaping the Future

Learning from each other in continuous exchange

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