Christoph Urschel

Structure Giver

The central element of my consulting work is the combination of the professional perspective with organizational and systemic approaches. So that projects and processes are constantly improving and people continue to develop. I have a wide range of methods and tools from many years of consulting practice.

I attach great importance to concrete and sustainable results, short distances and quick decisions. In my projects for organizational development or increasing efficiency, I get to the point and take responsibility. I try to live that every day. And I use spare time to develop my own ideas. Our customers primarily benefit from this, but we also use it to develop new&able a little further every day.

Fields of Action

Project Management
Risk assessment of psychological stress
Introduction of new working environments
Reduce costs & strengthen organization
Quick Check Projects
Change Management
Process Optimization
Porträt Christoph Urschel - new&able
Realize effective results in short ways
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